Whole Foods + Amazon Campaign

This was the first instance that co-branding between Amazon, Prime, and Whole Foods Market was visible in a high-traffic placement on-site. The goal was to introduce a new Prime benefit that delivers exclusive savings at Whole Foods Markets to Prime members. In Whole Foods Market stores, customers redeem savings at checkout by scanning their Whole Foods Market app. My team was tasked with building a new pipeline on site that allowed customers to discover and download the app, as well as re-vamping the existing landing page to create a destination that tells the full story of Prime benefits at Whole Foods Markets. We were also asked to create a full suite of traffic drivers and on-site graphic placements to promote CTR to the new landing page, as well as finalized co-branding logos to be distributed throughout the company.

Role: Concepting, Strategy, Production


Whole Foods Photography + Prime Benefits

There was existing Whole Foods Market photography to be leveraged on the new landing page assets, as well as Prime illustrations. We had to figure out how one, the other, or both visual styles could cooperate on the same page while representing Whole Food's beauty bar, as well as multiple Prime benefits that already had established branding.



MShop & QR Code

My team was tasked with creating a QR code page within Amazon's mobile shopping app, along with multiple ingress points, for Prime members to use at checkout at Whole Foods Markets for extra savings.


Landing Page

The first several rounds of design were oriented around leaning into Whole Foods Market photography and look and feel. Over continued leadership reviews, it was decided to move towards a more Prime-focused customer experience reflecting in-store as the goal was to promote Prime Savings via the Whole Foods Market app.

Ideation final phase

Creative Director: Vu Nguyen
Art Director: Julianna Schulte
Copywriter: Brandon Hilliard

All design and assets owned by Amazon.