Who I am
As a multidisciplinary designer based in Seattle, WA, I’ve spent the last six professional years working with both major retail and boutique brands developing co-branding initiatives and marketing campaigns across digital and print landscapes. Outside of work, you can find me frequenting Burncycle at an inappropriately early hour and taking advantage of sunny happy hours with co-workers. Cheers!

What I do
I specialize in branding, editorial design, art direction, and packaging. I've been lucky enough to gain an immense amount of experience in my six years as a professional designer - ranging from editorial and technical design for long-format brand books, custom packaging, layout for catalogs and direct-mail promotions, email and front-end web design, merchandising direction and marketing strategies. Experience with photography, art direction and collaborating closely with project managers & business partners round out my skills.

I enjoy every minute when I'm designing, looking forward to being able to generate my visions on screen and communicate through print. I'm available for freelance, so reach out!

Say hi
Email: 7davisk@gmail.com
Phone: 360.540.2179

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